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Going to an inpatient alcohol rehab can be intimidating, especially if this is your first time. But, we’ll break down the steps and answer some frequently asked questions to make you better understand what to expect in rehab. Rehab is not a vacation but it can be fun and can provide a chance for you to make new friends for a lifetime in addition to being a healing process.

  • This can be a dangerous mistake, as severe withdrawal symptoms can cause some individuals to relapse.
  • Whether you come to our program or not, we will help you find the best treatment options that meet your personal needs when seeking treatment.

Within the first week of treatment, each patient meets with our medical director, clinical director, psychiatrist, and individual therapist multiple times. Each patient will have 4-5 individual and/or family therapy sessions per week. This requires WhiteSands to have a larger number of qualified clinical staff as part of its treatment team.

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At WhiteSands, we first focus on the harmful addictive behavior that is leading them to enter treatment and has been destructive in their daily lives. We treat co-occurring addictions and mental health disorders, including drug and alcohol addictions that co-occur with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Each client will be screened by medical and clinical staff during admissions to determine if they need co-occurring disorder treatment. Sunshine Behavioral Health strives to help people who are facing substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, or a combination of these conditions. It does this by providing compassionate care and evidence-based content that addresses health, treatment, and recovery. Don’t detox on your own as an option for alcohol addiction treatment.

alcohol detox near me

Physical health is an important component of our Life Skills Program. At WhiteSands, we recognize that many patients were self-medicating anxiety, stress, and physical pain with their addictions. Due to this we provide chiropractic care, massage therapy, and biofeedback. For many patients, their chronic pain and stress is due to poor self-care, and we want to assist them in recognizing that they can engage in healthy activities daily that reduce the need for self-medication. The spa services and relaxation techniques assist in the “sleep right” portion of our Life Skills Program. A patient only has to open their door and request assistance to receive help or to let a staff member know during their 30-minute safety checks.

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While patients are in the inpatient phase of treatment, they are insulated from many triggers and have staff available to process cravings with them 24 hours per day. Both in the inpatient and outpatient phases of treatment, patients have Life Skills Guides available to check in with them daily, both to continue their life skills training and to ensure they are not at risk of relapse when at home. Most treatment centers use a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to recovery that does not offer a personalized or individualized treatment plan. When the underlying issues are not addressed, many patients relapse because they have not learned coping skills for specific triggers which may lead them to using substances again. Patients in our inpatient settings also receive 4-5 individual or family sessions per week as well as the Life Skills Program discussed in other descriptions of our services.

  • Upon completion of this portion of the program, patients will be introduced to their outpatient therapist and primary care physician to provide a smooth transition into the next stage of their treatment and recovery.
  • We promise to provide each patient with the best chance to obtain long-lasting recovery from addiction and work with them even after treatment has been completed.
  • The therapists are also very helpful and very professional, the admissions office is also very helpful and the alumni program is also very helpful, if i could give this place 50 stars I would.

At Wilmington Treatment Center, we have developed specialized programming to combat the opioid epidemic that continues to plague individuals and families throughout North Carolina and across the nation. From medically monitored inpatient detox through personalized care at the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels, we offer a full spectrum of comprehensive opioid addiction treatment services. Our programming is specifically designed to empower men and women to escape the chains of opioid dependence and live healthier drug-free lives. Often, drug and alcohol rehab programs combine detox with therapy and other services to support people through addiction recovery. This is important because it gives people time to understand more about their substance use and set a solid foundation for recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment can help those who struggle with both addiction and mental health issues heal.

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However, less than five percent of people will develop delirium tremens when quitting drinking. We select facilities based on important credentials to make sure you or your loved one can find the best possible care for addiction, mental illness, dual diagnosis, and more. Our program combines traditional, holistic and evidence-based practices to provide you with the healing you deserve.

The treatment center is beautiful and the staff are very experienced and caring. Greater individual attention yields greater outcomes as the therapy is more individualized and the therapists have more extensive training. Relying on group sessions as the majority of the program does not allow sufficient time to address patient-specific issues but is often done to counter the expense of individualized care. As the patient gradually overcomes and learns to manage their addiction during treatment, personalized fitness programs can be implemented as this will help them create new, healthy habits. Our nutritionists will customize a meal plan to meet your individual needs.

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